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At the Edge of Solar System Vortex Mechanic
Vortex Mechanic
At the Edge of Solar System
Traditional Electronic, Psy-Ambient, Space
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Solar system is a giant cosmic city. The planets, warmed with heat near the Sun, chase each other, while on the edge of the Solar system, where cold reigns, frozen worlds live their mysterious life in unhurried motion. Here, on the boundary, the Sun is so far, that it can hardly be found among billions of alien stars in the sky. Anxious darkness enchants, and so near extrasolar space is beckoning. And still we are under protection of the gravity of our star. One little step is enough to leave our home. And there... And there are scaring infinity and emptiness full of dangers there. Let's stay here, on the very frontier, and enjoy mysteriousness and majesty of the borderline of presence of our Sun.

Composed by Vortex Mechanic.
Keyboards, synthesizers, programmed, written and arranged by Alexey Markov.
Painting and artwork by Anna Riet.

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Posted by USC on 01 May 2014
Tags: berlin school, space, psy-ambient, traditional electronic, vortex mechanic